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The five components of PSA.

PSA nitrogen making machine Compressed air purification system. The compressed air purification system consists of pipe filter, freeze dryer, fine filter, superfine filter,
PSA nitrogen making machine
Compressed air purification system.
The compressed air purification system consists of pipe filter, freeze dryer, fine filter, superfine filter, activated carbon deoiler, automatic drain valve, ball valve, etc. This is for screening carbon molecules. Because of air compressor to provide compressed air contain trace amounts of oil, water, dust particles, these impurities will reduce carbon molecular sieve adsorption ability, so the compressed air before entering the oxygen and nitrogen separation system must be oil water removal dust removal.
Air tank system.
Air storage tank system consists of air storage tank, safety valve, globe valve, ball valve, pressure gauge, etc. Air tank system to ensure smooth oxygen nitrogen gas separation system, the oxygen and nitrogen separation system when switching to prevent airflow velocity moment too fast, influence air purification effect, improve the quality of the compressed air into the adsorber and helps extend the life of molecular sieve. Working at the same time, the adsorption tower when switching, and it also offer PSA oxygen and nitrogen separation device in a short period of time quickly booster required a large amount of compressed air, the adsorption tower pressure quickly promoted to the working pressure, guarantee the reliable and stable operation.
Oxygen and nitrogen separation system.
The oxygen and nitrogen separation system is composed of adsorption tower, carbon molecular sieve filled by tower, pneumatic valve, muffler, throttle valve, pressure cylinder, pressure gauge and so on. Oxygen and nitrogen separation system is the core part of the air separation, its main body is two full of carbon molecular sieve adsorption tower, when clean compressed air into the adsorption tower, O2, CO2 and trace H2O is carbon molecular sieve adsorption, nitrogen output from outlet become products of nitrogen. When a tower is adsorbed to make nitrogen, the other tower decompresses the O2, CO2 and H2O adsorbed in the molecular sieve by reducing the pressure, and the regeneration of the molecular sieve is realized. The two towers are alternately adsorbed and regenerated to continuously output nitrogen.
Nitrogen buffer system
Nitrogen buffer system consists of buffer tank, flow meter, dust filter, pressure regulating valve, throttle valve and safety valve. The main function is to balance the pressure and purity of nitrogen from the nitrogen and oxygen separation system to ensure continuous supply of nitrogen. At the same time, when the adsorption tower is regenerated to the adsorption switch, it will save part of the qualified nitrogen recharging adsorption tower to protect the bed layer, and also help the adsorption tower boost pressure.
Electrical control system
The electrical control system consists of programmable controller CPU, gas source triplex, solenoid valve, indicator lamp, nitrogen analyzer, etc., which is mainly installed in the electric control cabinet. Is the main function of electric control system equipment start-stop operation, working status indicator light, fault acousto-optic alarm indication, purity display, according to the set procedures driven by pneumatic valve, remote display and control, etc.