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Which is better? PK machine for deoxygenation machine.

Which is better? PK machine for deoxygenation machine.We have learned in previous installments that fruit and vegetable storage must be stored in a "breathless" cold storage environment for a tenfold
Which is better? PK machine for deoxygenation machine.
We have learned in previous installments that fruit and vegetable storage must be stored in a "breathless" cold storage environment for a tenfold increase in storage time. In order to achieve this "unbreathable" environmental effect, it is necessary to minimize the respiration of fruits and vegetables through air conditioning and preservation techniques. Therefore, in order to create a low-oxygen environment, the most important method is to reduce the oxygen concentration in the environment of the reservoir, namely, the first level of the air conditioning preservation -- deoxygenation. According to the refrigeration express reporter, in the present market, the oxygen reduction equipment used for reducing oxygen concentration is mainly deoxygenation machine and nitrogen making machine. So what's the difference between deoxygenation of these two devices? Which one is more efficient?
Deaerator: low pressure fan cycle deoxygenation.
The deoxygenator is used for circulating deoxygenation of the fan with pressure less than 24KPa, and then the vacuum pump is used to analyze and activate. The technique is often mistaken for a VSA nitrogen machine. Because DNA machine with VSA nitrogen making machine is adopted the vacuum, but as a result of deoxidization machine power source adopts the fan pressure lower, less power consumption, and its take air way is different from the VSA nitrogen making machine, which USES is open for gas and solid machine adopts more efficient semi-enclosed gas mode, so solid machine is not the same as VSA nitrogen making machine.
Nitrogen - making machine: nitrogen - oxygen separation.
At present, the use of more nitrogen making machine is a membrane nitrogen system with nitrogen and oxygen separation at normal temperature. It consists of an air compressor and a membrane separator. After the compressed air passes through the filter and enters the membrane separator, the water vapor, CO2 and O2 in the air are quickly passed through the membrane wall to the other side of the membrane to be emptied. Nitrogen is left in the membrane through the relative speed of the membrane wall, and the nitrogen is used as a product to be used as a product.
The application of the market share in energy saving and efficient equipment is more in line with the future development.
At present, the ratio of oxygen to oxygen is about 1:1. Because the membrane nitrogen system is a small part of the whole system, the production is simple and the cost is low. Compared with PSA nitrogen making, did not have the big air tank and the nitrogen tank, gas speed, small volume, covers an area of less space, light weight, convenient to move, and the equipment form according to the user application, design for box type, container type, etc. These unique advantages make the membrane nitrogen system have a wide application market, which is especially suitable for the application of micro air conditioning storage, gas transfer container, gas transfer vehicle, laboratory, etc.
Compared with the application market of nitrogen making machine, the deoxygenation machine is more suitable for more than 500 tons of large gas storage. In the United States and Europe, a large number of deoxygenation machines have been used since 2000, and the film nitrogen machine, PSA and VSA nitrogen machine have been gradually replaced in the large-scale air conditioning tank. One of the reasons is that in terms of the principle and process of oxygen reduction, deoxygenation machine is better in energy consumption and energy efficiency than nitrogen making machine, which is more in line with the future development trend.
Modified atmosphere technical experts Lv Weicheng explained, "it is open air, nitrogen making machine to take gas exports to high pressure, and the need of air temperature with heating, so fruit Chambers from heating to cooling gas to the required temperature, the whole process is not only a waste of energy consumption, also can cause and controlling temperature fluctuations, stimulate the fruit and vegetable breathing, conducive to keep fresh. The deoxidizer is a closed-loop cycle, the gas outlet is low pressure, the air source has no temperature requirement, only the process of adsorption conversion, can effectively ensure the stability of the temperature in the air conditioning tank. When nitrogen purity higher than 95%, nitrogen making machine efficiency will be more and more low, the flow is small, so the purity and flow rate are required to both cases, the effects of oxygen reduction of nitrogen making machine also have some limitations. In addition, the most important part of membrane nitrogen system, membrane, because of the fear of pollution, has strict requirements for the early purification filtration, which directly relates to the life of the film group. If there is a problem with filtration, it is necessary to replace the membrane group and maintain relatively high maintenance costs.
With nearly 20 years experience in application and controlling Lv Weicheng, he says, has long been rich practical application experience made him and his team know exactly what kind of gas equipment is better and more adapt to the development of the market. As manufacturers, their aim is to design and produce the best products for users. , according to lu total current state shun production DNA machines all use the best accessories, GardnerDenver host in the United States, Italy OMAL valve assembly, Siemens, schneider electric control system, the domestic recognized brand of high quality material of carbon molecular sieve, etc., with unique automatic frequency control of motor speed technology, which can realize the effect of different frequency control DNA speed, improve efficiency, reduced oxygen faster, and be in low oxygen (below 4%) cases, reduced oxygen faster than the other equipment, is currently the only can start from 3% of rapid oxygen-consumed deoxidization machine. The application of frequency conversion technology also makes the energy consumption less and achieves a higher energy efficiency ratio.