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Jiangyin Dongpeng Purification Equipment Co. Ltd is located in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, which is ranked No.1 of top 100 economy counties, Chinese glamorous city with most vigorous economy, and nationally famous for harmonization, as well as a national distribution center for chemical coating, ink machinery development and fine machining. It has Yangtze River behind it. Beijing-Shanghai expressway, Shanghai-Naijing expressway and Beijing-Shanghai railway go by it. It is close to Shuofang airport in Wuxi and Benniu airport in Changzhou, which are owned by Shenzhen Airline. Such location offers very convenient traffic for friends from home and abroad for business visit and friend making.


The company was established in 1983 and was one of the earliest companies who developed nitrogen generation machinery (PAS). We were successful in developing first generation of nitrogen machine (PSA) which was put into commercial operation. The development broken the complexion that such technique had been monopolized by Germany,US and other developed countries. Our company has been the successful supplier for many well-known enterprises from home and abroad over the years. To accommodate rule in the market and business development, our company started close cooperation in 2004 with Modern Precision Machinery Ltd in Malaysia so that company products meet world stands, technique and quality are thoroughly improved and solid foundations are laid for products to enter overseas markets.


People of Dongpeng always believe: Creditability works together with diligence and development exists together with opportunity.