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How to reduce the NOx emission of motor vehicles
      Nitrogen oxides play an important role in the formation of photochemical smog, so it is of great significance to control nitrogen oxides for improving air quality. Due to the different working principles of gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles, the control technology for NOx is also different. Fortunately, at present, the control technology of vehicle nitrogen oxide is mature, and has been widely used in developed countries. In addition, it is necessary to control the nitrogen oxides of motor vehicles and select appropriate technologies, as well as relevant policies and safeguard measures.

      The exhaust pollutants of gasoline and diesel vehicles include nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxides specified in emission regulations mainly include nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide. As nitrogen oxides play an important role in the formation of photochemical smog, the country takes the reduction of nitrogen oxides as the binding index of the 12th Five Year Plan.

      The pollution of motor vehicles to the environment mainly comes from exhaust emissions. The main exhaust pollutants of gasoline vehicles are carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx); in addition to carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, the exhaust pollutants of diesel vehicles also include particulate emissions.
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